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Streets & Sanitation Department

The Bay Minette City Council adopted its Rebuild Alabama Act Transportation Plan on Aug. 19, 2019. A copy of the resolution and transportation maps are downloadable above. 

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Recycling Stations

Baldwin County Solid Waste Department has placed recycling containers at various locations in north Baldwin County, including two inside City limits. Cardboard, aluminum and plastic can be placed in these containers located at Bay Minette Public Works801 E. 1st Street; Commission Administration Building on W. 3rd Street; Stockton Post Office, 42925 Hodgson Road; Bicentennial Park, 51233 St. Hwy 225; Stapleton Volunteer Fire Department, 36276 St. Hwy 59 S.; Perdido Volunteer Fire Department, 22190 County Rd 47; and the Bay Minette Transfer Station, 43205 Nicholsville Road. For more information, visit baldwincountyal.gov/departments/solid-waste/recycling.


Holiday Notice

Most city departments, with the exception of emergency personnel, will be closed for these upcoming holidays. Garbage service will be provided on the make-up schedule as noted:

Automated Garbage Collection Service

A 95-gallon cart will be supplied to each residence at no additional charge as part of your garbage service. There will be no change to your scheduled pick-up day. The serial-numbered art will be assigned to the physical address. If you move, leave the cart behind for the next occupants. If your cart is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for replacement costs.

garbage collection bin

Only the City of Bay Minette-issued carts will be served by the real tilt truck operated by the city's Public Works Department. The provided carts are industry standard and specifically designed to be collected by the rear tilt truck. The cart can only be used for household garbage and is the only container that can be used to place garbage at the curb. If you feel that one cart is not adequate for the volume of garbage you produce, you can rent another cart for an additional fee.

The City of Bay Minette's garbage collection service operates Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays. Garbage should be curbside by 6:30 a.m. on your day of service. Time of pick-up can vary slightly and pick-up can only be assured by placing garbage curbside before the route begins. 

For more information about the automated garbage collection service, to report a missed pick-up or for more information on the services provided, call the Public Works Department at 580-1848.

Proper Cart Placement for Automated Pick-Up

On the day of your scheduled pick-up, place cart with lid opening facing the street and handle away from the street. Set cart no more than five feet from the curb and three feet apart. Carts cannot be placed in the street for collection. Have at least three feet between the carts and trees, posts, mailboxes, vehicles, etc. In tight parking situations, have at least three feet between the carts and vehicles. Avoid parking cars in front of the carts on collection day.

Keep the lid closed at all times.

Garbage should be bagged and tied before placing in cart. This will help keep your container clean and reduce the chance of windblown litter. Clean your cart out periodically with water. Afterward, be sure to empty all water from the bottom of the cart and allow to dry.

Do NOT stack bags or other items on top of cart lid.

Do NOT pack material so tightly that it might become wedged in cart making it difficult to empty completely.

Do NOT overfill carts. Lids should close completely.

garbage collection fails


Bulky Waste & Yard Debris

The City of Bay Minette's Public Works Department also oversees the collection of yard debris and bulky waste. Bulky Waste and Yard Debris should NOT be placed with household garbage for pick-up.

YARD DEBRIS includes materials resulting from landscape maintenance, including grass clippings, leaves, pine straw, twigs, branches, etc. These are considered natural items and are placed in a separate landfill pit for decomposition.

BULKY WASTE includes items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, carpets, etc. These should be placed curbside, separated from yard debris and household garbage. Construction and demolition waste are not eligible for this service.

RECYCLING - The City of Bay Minette does not have a curbside recycling program at this time. The Baldwin County Solid Waste Department has placed recycling containers at various locations in north Baldwin County. Cardboard, aluminum and plastic can be placed in these containers located at Bay Minette Public Works on First Street, Commission Administration Building on W. 3rd Street, Stockton Post Office, Bicentennial Park on Ala. 225, Stapleton Volunteer Fire Department on Ala. 59, and the Bay Minette Transfer Station on Nicholsville Road.

When preparing garbage, waste and debris for collection, please remember:

*All household garbage should be bagged, enclosed in the 95-gallon lidded container provided by the City of Bay Minette and placed curbside by 6:30 a.m. on the day of scheduled service.

*Bulky Waste and Yard Debris should be placed separately for pick-up on a different schedule from household.

*Do not place any waste, garbage or debris in ditches or on sidewalks. This can cause clogged drains and flooding issues.

*Tires, paint and. other hazardous materials are not eligible for pick-up. Residents should take these items directly to the Baldwin County Transfer Station on Nicholsville Road.

*Any construction and contractor debris, including tree removal, should be removed by the contractor or a fee will be assessed at $75 per load by the City of Bay Minette. Call the Public Works Department at 251-580-1848 for details.


Household Garbage Schedule

Monday: West side of Hand Avenue, north of 9th Street to Alabama 59, 9th Street and south of 9th Street to Railroad Street.

Tuesday: East side of Hand Avenue, north side of 12th Street, Alabama 287, Scarlet Hills and lakeside, 12th to 1st Street, Bonnie Brae, south side of 12th Street.

Wednesday: Downtown Business District and Holiday Make-Up. (See holiday schedule).

Thursday: Northside of Martin Luther King Blvd., Airport Road, 7th Street to Huthinson, south side of MLK, Green Acres and Coastal Alabama Community College.

Friday: East and west sides of Moran Street to Dickman Road Trailer Park, Powell Heights and Brownwood to Brady Road Ext.


Important Information

The City of Bay Minette has adopted ordinances and regulations pertaining to areas covered by our Public Works Department. A brief description of those related to garbage and debris removal and container usage is included here. For additional questions, contact the Public Works Department at 251-580-1848.

Sec. 21-2. - Depositing tree limbs, etc., on streets or sidewalks.

It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, deposit, or sweep or otherwise convey into any ditch or gutter, or upon any sidewalk, street, avenue, or alley in the city any tree or bush limb, pine cone, leaves or straw in or about his premises. All persons having such tree or bush limbs, pine cones, leaves or straw in or about his premises shall place the same in concentrated piles at convenient locations near a street or alley where they can be reached by the garbage collectors of the city.

Sec. 14-17. - Use of containers.

It shall be the duty of every person in possession, charge and control of any premises where refuse is created or accumulates, at all times to keep or cause to be kept a sufficient number of garbage cans for the deposit therein of refuse and to deposit or cause to be deposited the same therein to prevent the spreading or scattering of such refuse upon said premises, or upon the premises of others, and the lids or covers of such garbage cans shall be kept tightly closed thereon at all times other than when garbage is being deposited therein or removed therefrom.

Containers used for the deposit of garbage for collection by the sanitation department shall be in good condition so that collection therefrom shall not injure the person collecting the contents thereof. Containers having ragged or sharp edges or other defects must be promptly replaced upon receipt of notice from the director of the sanitation department or his agent and if not so replaced within ten days of receipt of such notice, such nonconforming or defective container may be collected by the director of the sanitation department or his agent, disposed of as waste and every person in possession, charge or control and in the event of multiple occupancy, the owner of the premises, shall be held responsible.

Sec. 14-21. - Depositing refuse into streams, water drains, sewers, etc.

It shall be unlawful for any person to sweep, throw, or otherwise deposit or cause to be swept, thrown or otherwise deposited into or on any canal, stream, public water drain, sewer or receiving basin within the corporate limits and police jurisdiction of the city any garbage, rubbish, or other refuse or to permit same to accumulate in such manner that it may be carried and deposited into or on any of the above places by action of the rain or wind.

Sec. 14-32. - Building debris.

Building debris such as scrap lumber, plaster, roofing, concrete, brickbats or similar materials resulting from the construction, repair or demolishing of any building or structure on private property and dirt and rocks will not be removed by the sanitation department, but the owner himself must cause this waste to be removed, provided, however, that the sanitation department may remove the same by payment of the owner of a reasonable fee therefor, said fee to be established by the sanitation department.

Sec. 14-33. - Tree surgeons, landscapers, etc., duty of removal.

It shall be the responsibility of all fence companies, tree surgeons, nurseries and landscape contractors or any individual or company doing such work on private property to remove from the premises all residue and rubbish resulting from said work.

For additional information, call Tina Covington at 251-580-1625.


Documents and Forms


Title Type Size
pdf 8009 KB DownloadAPPROVED PAVING PLAN 2021-2022
pdf 6583 KB DownloadApproved Paving Plan 2022-2023
pdf 224 KB DownloadGarbage Cart Request
pdf 965 KB DownloadGarbage Pick-Up All Routes
pdf 103 KB DownloadPublic Sign Request-Fillable
pdf 3359 KB DownloadResolution, Rebuild Alabama Act Transportation Plan
pdf 294 KB DownloadRight-of-Way Permit
pdf 94 KB DownloadStreet Light Request Form
pdf 6153 KB DownloadTransportation Plan Maps

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