Image taken on Aug 2, 2022, 15:41 PM by Luke Williams

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Seed Lending Library

The Seed Lending Library is housed in an old card catalogue at the Bay Minette Public Library. The budding collection features an assortment of donated seeds for herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. The process is simple. Patrons can come in, sign out seeds, then go home and plant them. Once their crop comes in, the gardener harvests the seeds and may return them to the library where they are packaged and added back into the Seed Lending Library.

The in-house project started in 2017 and has really blossomed. One added benefit of the library is that the seeds have weathered the regional conditions and are more apt to thrive. The library also has prepared information on seed saving, planting timetables, frost timetables and has added some books on the topic to its collections.

For more information about the Seed Lending Library call 251-580-1648 or stop by and peruse the wide assortment of seeds available.